From the time your idea was first hatched and when you launched your business, your innate self envisioned a destiny of great success!

Even Mom would encourage you to defy the odds and “Dare to be Different!”

Having the loving support of Mom is a great feeling.  However, you must command the attention and the respect of potential customers in order to achieve success.

About Us

We are a coop of crazy, fun, “wise” chickens…not old, but wise chickens…with a few “spring chicks” in the brood, to further boost our flare for the all-important online marketing.

Our troupe of experts have assisted small- to medium-sized businesses with their online strategies  for more than 15 years.

It’s true, ladies & gents! We strategize during our hen-parties…a cackling good time…to insure your company gets noticed online!



Happy easter

Congrats! You’ve hatched your idea and your business…or you’re in the process… and you are looking to the sky for falling objects thru ideas. The sky is not falling, but you can take the next step forward to affordably bring your product or service to the masses.

This is when Personalized Marketing takes the lead! We are experts in


Facebook logo into shopping cart with cards Visa and MasterCardThere is no need to navigate the bunny trail alone. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your business’s online needs.iStock_000018961660_Full

Your graduation to the next level in business can be as simple as hopping on the “Brand” wagon!

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We welcome the opportunity to provide a no obligation consultation to determine how best our
chicks3services will suit your business. Digital Marketing is not the same for every business; but the results we provide are!

Stacy Hansen, President
Personalized Marketing, Inc.

Tel. 727.505.5384

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