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Put your Best Digital Footprint Forward with the Team at Personalized Marketing

After years of working with small- to medium-sized businesses, Stacy Hansen understands the time-consuming nature of digital marketing, and that’s how Personalized Marketing was born. Stacy has fine-tuned the process over many years and hand-selected her talented team members who have mastered “all things online” by successfully developing personalized, effective digital strategies best-suited to individual client needs. The troupe of social media experts who comprise Personalized Marketing have proven invaluable to the businesses they support!

Blaze an electronic trail to success through web-based outreach, and put your best digital footprint forward with the team at Personalize Marketing!

Why Us


Success of Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses Requires Smart, Savvy Digital Ink

With the millions and billions of posts going out every day 24/7 around the world, it is important to step-up your digital marketing efforts to engage the various audiences with creative content and timely information for your brand, using the perfect words, and the proper links to drive people to your business website, social media pages, and your front door! We help you get the ball rolling with a personalized plan for your business and know the techniques required to manipulate web-based outreach and digital escalation.

Affordable monthly plans allow you to budget wisely, while taking advantage of the many digital resources available, keeping your overhead low and your profits high!

Keeping your company top of mind is our priority, utilizing the following social media platforms:

✔ Facebook
✔ Google +
✔ Twitter
✔ YouTube
✔ Blogging


Social Media Marketing Strategies

Carefully crafted copy across the social media sphere is digitally posted on your behalf to boost your visibility and position in the search engines to put your business ahead of your competitors!

Public Relations

blkck-78x80Amplify your message. Your business has a story to tell – we will help you identify and tell yours.


It’s a scary concept to most small businesses. Concise, consistent and clever messaging is the key to an identifiable personality.

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We welcome the opportunity to provide a no obligation consultation to determine how best our
chicks3services will suit your business. Digital Marketing is not the same for every business; but the results we provide are!

Stacy Hansen, President
Personalized Marketing, Inc.

Tel. 727.505.5384
Email: stacy@personalizedmarketingcorp.com

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