A Free Living Will Form to Download!

walt blenner

Guest Blogger, Walt Blenner, is an attorney practicing in personal injury law and estate planning in Pinellas and Pinellas County in Florida. If he can be of any further assistance for you or your family, contact him at 727-940-9414. http://www.waltblennerlaw.com/


In this blog entry is an attachment containing a free Living Will form for anyone interested. Just download the attachment, print and sign for yourself with two witnesses present, as an early holiday gift from my firm! To learn more about Living Wills, read on:

Ah, the Living Will: the oh-so-cheery document also known as the “pull the plug” form. This form allows you to designate someone to make a final decision on your behalf: (1) if you are in a terminal condition; or (2) if you are in a permanent vegetative state. Those who remember the Terry Schiavo Family Feud certainly know the pitfalls of not having a Living Will when in a vegetative state.

Now a few things about Living Wills:

So long as the person who has signed one is still able to make end-of-life decisions, he or she will continue to make final decision. The form is only if the person is unconscious or otherwise unable to make their wishes known;

Since doctors are in the business of keeping patients alive, when a physician comes to the family and says the end is near all medical options are generally gone and the patient’s time is growing quite short. It is not intended to be used as a method of euthanasia or mercy killing. It is designed to make the patient’s final days and hours comfortable;

Finally, even though you will name one person as your designate, if there is any dissention within the family the medical facility will generally continue to use all medical measures to keep the patient alive since they do not want to get in the middle of a family argument. So make sure your relatives all know of your last wishes.

Now for the small print: This form is the one we use but there are many Living Will forms out there. We encourage you to see an attorney for further estate planning since there are more forms necessary to fully protect you and your family. This form is not a Last Will and Testament, but a form to deal with end-of-life issues. Our form is designed for use in the State of Florida and no other representations can be made for any other state.