Does having a Facebook business page help?

Having a Facebook business page is a must. With millions of users, Facebook is a marketing venue that you can’t pass up. People use Facebook more than 3.2 billion times a day.

Why Having A Facebook Business Page Is A MUSTTrying to find that kind of audience in any other place would be nearly impossible for the amount of money and time it takes to set up a business page.

Setting up and maintaining a page for your business is easy. Remember, though, that it isn’t your personal page. It is a place where you should be actively interacting with the public. It isn’t the place to be airing your political leanings or your religious sentiments. Make it a fun place for people to visit daily.

Keep things lively. Be social. If you friend people on Facebook just to “spam” their pages with your offers, they will block you. If they do that, they can’t see anything you post, your page or anything. Get to know those who you friend or follow. Comment on their pages about what is going on in their lives. Wish them happy birthday or anniversary when it shows up in your reminders. In short, be a friend.

People are more likely to want to help a friend than just someone whose business they might be interested in.

Obviously, Facebook makes it easy to invite people to events, post fun and fresh offers to entice more people to like your page.

Share events and offers on your personal page to make even more people aware. Take advantage of advertising opportunities through Facebook ads. All of these things help give your business credibility.

People searching for information about your business might find it strange if it doesn’t have a good web presence and a Facebook page. Don’t give them a reason to doubt your business acumen. Get a Facebook business page!

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