Social Media: Who Owns a Facebook Business Page?

Social media should be a huge part of any marketing strategy for any business. The problem is when you limit yourself to Facebook. With so much out there, don’t do it. Mostly because it can be a huge problem if you don’t think through who owns your business page.

Social Media: Who Owns a Facebook Business Page?Facebook has millions of users and is a phenomenal lead source for your business. It’s fun and interactive and very much expected in marketing today. Your business visibility on Facebook will be an expense, and your page can be part of that expense.

So what happens to it when the marketing company you builds YOUR page on THIER network? You stop paying and they take your page down! But wait, you say, it’s MY page! Well, not so fast. They were providing a service, and depending on how you are set up, they MIGHT own your page. We have also found this to be a problem when using interns or in-house people. They build the page on their Facebook account without hooking it to the owners profile. In this manner our clients have found themselves “locked out” if something goes wrong, say they move on or have to be terminated.

We (and many other reputable marketing companies) make sure the page is hooked to the owners’ profile. While this is sometimes not optimal if the owner wants to use Facebook for their personal use, in this day and age Facebook is a vital marketing tool that REQUIRES involvement on all levels!

Another issue is if you decide to do it yourself, forego the marketing company, and have someone you know who is “good with technology” set it up for you. It could be a friend, or your child. The nice thing is that they are probably capable of doing the technical bits, but how many years have they studied marketing and SEO (search engine optimization). We often come upon pages that are made for business but OBVIOUSLY managed by youngsters. Knowing how to use technology is not the same as understanding business and marketing.

At the end of the day, the thing you must keep in mind that while your content is yours, it belongs to you BUT the place where you put it, the Facebook platform, is not. It belongs to the Facebook Corporation and they control who puts what, where and when. If you don’t follow the rules they will pull your page down. If you don’t pay your bill your marketing company might pull it down… and they have every right to do so.

So use Facebook, but also use Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr and all the other great social media platforms in your marketing.

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2 Responses to Social Media: Who Owns a Facebook Business Page?

  1. Arthur Driessen says:

    What happens when you are one of the unfortunate companies that sets up the account wrong (via an intern) and they link it with their account and then they leave the company, along with all of the facebook log in info? Is there a way to regain access to the Facebook?

  2. Stacy Hansen says:

    Arthur, do you know if the intern made you an admin on your business page? You can try to contact Facebook…but generally that’s a tough nut to crack, in this situation. This is why we preach the biz owner must have ownership to their online social sites. If you would like, give me a shout; my pleasure to chat about this with you over the phone. Cheers!

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