What are Facebook Embedded Posts?

Facebook has made some changes lately to their widely used social media site. One of them is the ability to use embedded posts. So what are they and how can they help your business social media marketing efforts?

What are Facebook Embedded Posts?One of the newest features added to Facebook is “Embedded Posts.” This feature allows you to add public posts from your Facebook timeline or news feed to your blog or website or other social media. Not only is the link added, but once they are embedded, posts can include pictures, videos, clickable hashtags and other content. Clickable hashtags are also a new feature and add searchability and added exposure of posts to a wider audience. Both Twitter and Instagram have both of these capabilities and are used with great success. Many find that their ideas, columns or blogs found a wider audience when clickable hashtags were added to Facebook.

Facebook added embedding capabilities in order to expand the ability of their users to encourage public conversations and discover news. For businesses it adds the ability for other users to discover their pages, offers and expand their marketing.

Embedded posts is arriving in a gradual roll out. Starting with news sites like CNN, Bleacher Report, Huffington Post, Mashable and People, it will eventually be available to everyone. Once it’s enabled, users can click an “Embed Post” link within your news feed or from the page’s timeline. The link will appear in a menu where you currently see “Report/Mark as Spam.” You will only be able to embed public posts, not private ones.

Businesses can use this in a few different ways. First, they will be able to embed their own posts into their other social media and blogs. They can also provide great tidbits, news and other things they find on their news feed into customer emails and blogs. This can help make their total social media offerings more valuable and newsworthy.