When Should You Post To Facebook?

When should you post to Facebook is a question to ask once you’ve decided to use social media. Great! That was a good marketing decision for your business. So when SHOULD you post to your Facebook business page? It really depends on you and your business.

When Should You Post To Facebook?Posting too few or too many posts can be a bad thing. If you post more than about 2 per day you will typically lose people’s attention. Posting too few, less than a few times a week will have the same end result. Posting regularly is one of the most important and often neglected tasks for using Facebook effectively. Of course, there is no magic number, but as a general rule once a day is a good rule of thumb. Obviously if something unexpected happens, post it, but don’t over do it. The next question is when.

So when should you post to Facebook? It can depend on your own schedule, but if you are planning the posts, a good strategy would be to put them up first thing in the morning. That way your customers see them when they check their news feed the first time that day.

Of course you could also set your timing for end of the day for the same reason. Also, if something important happens that needs a quick “guess what” post, then post it as needed. The important thing is that you only take about 10 minutes or so to post, and another 10-15 minutes to answer and interact with your customers on Facebook.

Use your Facebook page to your advantage. Share important information. Share offers. Share fun surprises. Do it regularly, but don’t under do it or go into overkill mode.

So the answer to when should you post to Facebook is basically daily, but not more than twice a day unless something special happens.

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