Social media marketing – You Can’t Ignore Twitter Because You Think Tweeting Is Stupid

We often find that our social media marketing clients are anti-Twitter. They don’t understand how effective 140 characters can be so they call the whole platform “stupid”. What we have found is that done effectively, Twitter can be one of the sharpest tools in your arsenal!

When working on your social media marketing Twitter is a huge boon. It’s a great way to get short, quick messages out to your customers. It’s an effective marketing tool. Twitter is interactive, and to use it well, you have to write, or tweet, often and strategically.

Social media marketing - You Can't Ignore Twitter Because You Think Tweeting Is StupidWhen starting, choose a profile name that makes sense and is easy to find. It should match your business name or as close as you can if someone else is already using that name. Then come up with a strategy that includes how you’ll get followers. Without followers, using Twitter is pointless. Then decide posting frequency, posting content type, landing pages, as well as on and offline promotion.

Post regular specials or sales. Use Twitter’s search functions to search for people Tweeting questions you can answer. It’s a great way to build relationships and build credibility. Post helpful tweets that will encourage your followers to Retweet them and spread your brand. This is the best way to be interactive.

Following other people on twitter is a great way to get more followers on your own page. Start following others on Twitter who are working in your industry or who are somehow related to your business. See who those people are following or who are following them. Then follow those people. Be careful and don’t go wild with the following. You can get a reputation as a spammer and it will undermine your business marketing.

Be sure to interact with people. Make your Twitter feed personal, fun helpful and interactive. Also be sure to promote your Twitter address. Put it on your company website, your Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Also put it on print materials. Make it easy to find.

It’s also important to monitor how often your Twitter feed is being visited. Make your marketing efforts fun, while drawing in more customers. Make sure you are being interactive. You win, they love it. Marketing done right.

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