Does Adding Special Characters to Your Tweets on Twitter Make Them More Memorable?

If you’re on Twitter, you’ve seen tweets with those cutesy, special characters. They stand out and catch your eye. Adding them can make them more memorable. Adding symbols can make your tweets shorter and easier to read as well. There are just a few things to keep in mind about using them.

Does Adding Special Characters to Your Tweets on Twitter Make Them More Memorable?First, remember that your business Twitter is a reflection of your business. While it can be acceptable to use abbreviations and special characters, make sure that they make you look like a professional, not an idiot! Also keep in mind that not all mobile devices show every symbol. So don’t over use them. Most people with a smart phone use Twitter on it, so keep in mind that all they will see is a little box character “□” where the symbol is supposed to be.

That said you can do some great things with special characters. Things like bar charts to show information, or carets to point out things. People use Twitter to find information and to be entertained so you can use different smileys, emoticons and so forth that can help you get your message done while conserving those 140 characters. Again, just keep in mind that going overboard can make you look unprofessional.

Here’s one tool:
Try using some and see how they sit with you. Tweet out a few and see how people react. If you get a positive reaction, then you know you’re onto something. After all, part of Tweeting for business is being memorable. If a few judiciously used emoticons, smileys, carets or bar charts help, then it’s a good thing!