Facebook’s Graph Search May Be A Very Good Thing!

Why Facebooks Graph Search May Be A Very Good ThingFacebook announced graph search, a relatively new way to search based on shared likes and interests as collected about us over the years. Here are a couple of our takes on why it might be good and the reasons we see some hope for Facebook as a viable social network because of it!

First off…let’s talk about Facebook. We are social media marketing experts with clients who depend on us to do a great job with their marketing. That having been said, they generally come to us all bright eyed and bushy tailed and talk about how they want to get on the Facebook. Twitter, nope just the Facebook. Pinterest, videos, GooglePlus, nope just the Facebook. I am here to tell you that no matter what you think about different social networks, the way to succeed is to use them all!

So what is wrong with Facebook and the small business marketing model?

Since the rollout of the timelines, it feels like Facebook is deliberately hurting marketing efforts for small business owners to use Facebook as a marketing tool…just off the top of my head:

  • You can no longer have a custom landing page on your Facebook business page, you now have to have a button that will hopefully prompt people to visit your real site (NOT!)
  • At the start, you could put custom HTML on the sides of your business pages to advertise your services, that has gone the way of the dinosaurs
  • Inviting people to events or to like your page goes into some horrible little spam folder that no one ever checks
  • Pages can’t like people’s stuff unless people like pages stuff first (confusing I know, everything about Facebook is generally ker-fuffly!)
  • Groups and pages can no longer really email, even to people who have indicated that they would like to receive updates
  • Most of the real functionality comes through friends, and pages can’t have friends, they have likers

So, we have been stymied as to how to make our small biz owners happy. They want on the Facebook but the Facebook doesn’t want them, unless they are willing to pony up some money for each post to promote it (don’t even get me started on that one!)

Facebook Graph Search

First off, let’s just say right now that Graph Search is a stupid name that probably means something to the FB team or the geeky guys who make stuff. I would rather have seen it named something realistic and memorable, indicative of how cool it could be. And why do I think it could be cool?

Facebook ad search boxIt seems like it is taking all of the drill down functionality behind buying ads and letting us search it. The picture here is of a search I did for “aldo nova”. Unless you are a child of the 80’s and maybe living in the Northeastern United States, you may not know about this one hit wonder rock group. But I do. And I know something about the people who like them.

Imagine you do a search for Google Android and Justin Bieber…who do you think might come up? If you were targeting young women for something, it would be an easy way to search for them.

Supposedly we are going to be able to search people, pages, photos and places. There should be ways to make sure that your “stuff” comes up in searches, although without more information, not sure how that will work yet!

The Market’s Reaction To The Facebook Graph Search

So I found this article that says, “Analysts Are Unimpressed With Facebook Graph Search“. HMMMM I have not been impressed with the markets for years so why should I care? I think if they understood the feeling in the marketplace that people are sick of liking, sharing and commenting….that they like Pinterest because it does not require interaction…that Facebook limits too much what and who you can see…that the privacy issues with Facebook are making people nuts, then they would welcome something that will add a functionality to business people. Seriously, if businesses abandon Facebook then it is going to be Family Book and there are starting to be way cooler ways to keep in touch than Facebook.

Facebook Graph Search Wrapup

So, if you would like to check it out, visit www.facebook.com/graphsearch. Check back and keep your peepers open to see how it is going to help with small business social media marketing efforts going forward!