Facebook Scams – How to Avoid Being Hacked & What to do When You Are

It happens to the best of us, our Facebook gets hacked. Unlike celebrities or politicians who most likely fall back on “I was hacked” to cover-up online stupidity, people do get hacked for a variety of reasons. You can avoid Facebook scams and being hacked with a few simple habits.

Facebook Scams - How to Avoid Being Hacked & What to do When You AreTo stop Facebook scams and avoid being hacked change your password. If you have been hacked, change it immediately. If not, change it periodically. Now most people just don’t do this. We have passwords for everything and trying to remember which one you used or didn’t is a huge pain.

So instead use a code. First, it’s harder to crack, and second, it’s easier to remember. Try this: create a sentence that’s memorable and use the first letter for each word to create a strong password. For example: “I love my kids 4 ever and a day.” That would make the password Ilmk4eaad. Easy for you to remember but not so easy for a computer program to figure out.

Do two things when typing in the URL to go to Facebook. First, think “S for safety.” That means always type “https” instead of “http” every time. The extra “s” forces your web browser to use SSL or Secure Socket Layer. SSl encrypts the data from your browser to the server you wish to access. That reduces the chances of someone monitoring the data stream from your computer to the web. It’s not foolproof, but it helps. Second, don’t type in facebook.com. Instead use one of these IP addresses: or or or which keeps you from mistyping the URL and ending up at a spoof site. This should help with stopping Facebook scams and avoid being hacked.

Another way to keep on top of it is to change one of the settings in Facebook. Click on Account Settings, Security and then enable login notifications. What will happen is if someone logs into your account from an unrecognized computer you get an email or text letting you know.

Most importantly, don’t click on weird posts. By weird, I mean something with a provocative title or picture. If it doesn’t look like something your friends would post, don’t click on the post or any links. Then let your friend know by a private message, or outside of Facebook that they’ve been hacked.

If you do get hacked, change your password and run virus/spyware/malware scans. Also remove app permissions in Facebook. Be smart, be safe, stop those Facebook scams and don’t get hacked.