Should You Use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn for Your Small Business Marketing?

Social media is important for every small business. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn are the biggest ones, but today your small business really needs to be everywhere. Think not only B2B but all the B2C places too. Google+ is big for search engine optimization, YouTube for videos, Tumblr for the younger crowd. So many places to be.

Should You Use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn for Your Small Business Marketing?In the B2B relationship, your small business is looking for other businesses to find services or products that you need for businesses. One social media outlet is a perfect platform for B2B: LinkedIn. It is a professional networking site that helps connect business people with others. Service businesses connect with retailers, professionals, manufacturers and wholesalers. People find connections to find employment. Retailers will probably not find new retail customers, but where you can connect with suppliers or professionals that you may need. Every business should be on LinkedIn.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ are heavily used by consumers. Tumblr is also heavily used by younger people. Ignoring these sites means losing the best places to find new customers. Consumers are pulled in by advertising on the sites, as well as by their profile pages. It’s easy to post specials to new customers and loyal ones alike. Use your customer’s loyalty to your advantage here.

The issue becomes which social media should you use? How do you make the time to post as often as you should? Who has the time when your actual business needs your attention? That’s where a social media marketing company comes in. Hire an outside company who specializes in how to use social media to your best advantage. They will know the best fit for your business; they will stay on top of it and keep your profiles fresh and current. Hire someone you trust and who you can get to know, so that your personality will shine through on any social media site whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn.