Facebook’s Open Graph Search – Helping or Hurting Marketers?

Facebook has recently started rolling out their open graph search. So, does open graph search help or hurt marketers? Let’s look at what it is and what it does.

Facebook's Open Graph Search - Helping or Hurting Marketers?Graph search is a great way to search through your Facebook relationships to find specific information. If you type in a question or phrase it searches and then pulls a list of people and displays them alongside relevant content. It’s different than a typical search engine because it seems to include implicit affinities and experiences, and likes and shares people have done through Facebook. Graph search looks at content posted, check-ins, posts, comments, tagged images and “likes”. It then infers what you like, where you’ve gone, etc. and gives the searcher information based on that.

It can be used for finding people you’re connected to who have specific interests and experiences, finding businesses or events that your friends have used or liked, or find media (TV, shows, music) that your friends like. So instead of getting a list of various things, you get one more personalized. It also follows privacy “rules” so if you posted pictures of your kids and you don’t want “friends of friends” finding them, change the privacy level on them.

For businesses it could be a huge boon. Let’s say you have a new product and you want to find a list of people who would be interested specifically in it. Simply do a search with some key words that work for your new product and voila! A marketing list! Even better, share images and posts about the new product. Why? Because those who are “friended” to your business page can search and it will bring back YOUR business in the results.

Open graph will take some time to get completely worked out, but once done it will be a boon to business!