A Lawyer’s Experience with Social Media

A Lawyer's Experience With Social MediaThis is a lawyer’s experience with social media and Facebook in particular. A guest post by Attorney Walter Blenner

I was what you would call, a reluctant social media participant when I first joined Facebook in January, 2009. I thought it was for self-indulgent, self-important people looking to share their choice of breakfast du jour with the immediate world.

And, there is some of that, I must admit. It certainly was no place for an attorney to hang out, I thought.

Over four years I must say the benefits of Facebook have far outweighed whatever negatives there may be.

They say you shouldn’t be one person in the office and another at home. Just be yourself to everyone, and since my friends, family and clients all have equal access to my Facebook page, you get it all from me: vacation photos, interesting articles I’ve shared, a funny story here and there and legal articles I’ve written for my blog (www.waltblennerlaw.com) and republished on Facebook.

If a client is on Facebook and if they don’t mind, I always “friend” them. It’s a way for them to get to know me and my firm better and it also provides better access to educate some on legal issues they may not know about. Social Media posting is both active and passive marketing. I’ve posted articles about changes in car insurance laws, the new red light cameras that make many so angry, what to do when you’re in a car crash, updates of British Petroleum claims and about 54 other articles over the years. Some are personal stories about the practice of law.

Where a billboard shows a photo of someone, their business and phone number, social media lets that professional come alive. I’ve received a good number of new clients through Facebook, both my personal page and my law firm page. Don’t know me? Come for a visit! I practice in a wide range of personal injury areas; including, wrongful death, auto accidents, slip and fall, nursing home abuse, mold and toxic torts, defective products and motorcycle accidents. For more information about additional practice areas, please visit http://www.waltblennerlaw.com/practice/.

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