Social Media Marketing |The New Facebook Hashtags – What it Means for Facebook Marketing

Social media marketing has a new tool with the new Facebook hashtags. You’ve seen them on other social media such as Twitter. This is a new feature on Facebook: hashtags, clickable hashtags. Now this great habit that you have used in other social media is available on Facebook, making marketing on Facebook even easier.

On The New Facebook Hashtags Will be Used Much Like on Twitter

If you’ve used Twitter, you know how hashtags are used to make searching for content much easier. On the new Facebook, it will be similar. When a hashtags is included in a post, clicking on it will Social Media Marketing |The New Facebook Hashtags - What it Means for Facebook Marketingpop out a feed with what others have posted using the same hashtag. It will make it easier to find out what other people are saying about specific topics and events, or what is trending, which is something that people have typically gone to Twitter to see. Start new tags, or use current ones to continue to add to what shows up, or even comment on that hashtag feed.

Facebook co-opted the hashtag for several reasons. First, they are already being used. People have been using them on their timelines without the click ability option. Second, the habit is already there. Hashtags are already being used all over social media on services like Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter. So why try and start a new habit when a perfectly good one already exists? Why reinvent the wheel?

On the new Facebook users will be able to search for a specific hashtag from the search bar and compose posts directly from the hashtag feed, and the current privacy settings will apply to what you post.

So how can this help your social media marketing? If a hashtag is trending, and it works with your business model, you can include it in your posts. That way anyone searching that tag will see your posts. You can also start a hashtag specific for your industry and watch it trend. If you are already using them on Twitter or other social media, pull those into your Facebook feed.