About Us

Your company’s online marketing presence, including social media marketing  must be consistently maintained to remain in step with consumer demand. The Internet is the only way the majority of your potential clients search for products and services.

Online marketing and social media marketing may appear as simple as finding what you need on the Internet. But with the extraordinary competition clogging Cyberspace, business owners need their online marketing and social media sites to remain sharp.

The need for a strong Internet presence notwithstanding, it is the maintenance of all these online marketing and social media sites that causes the problem! It is relatively simple to set up an email marketing campaign, Facebook business pages, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google Plus accounts. You can hire an experienced blog builder to create a true search engine optimized blog (which, by the way, is our specialty), but the hard part is keeping those sites current and harnessing the true power of social media.

At Personalized Marketing, we recognize that business professionals don’t always have the precious hours to maintain their online presence. The successful entrepreneur needs a resource to maintain their websites and blogs and keep their online marketing and social media profiles up to date!  This is why we offer one stop shopping services for the creation of  custom blogs, websites, email newsletter campaigns, apps for smartphones and social media sites.  The BEST part?  We maintain them for you. We will handle those things you don’t have time to do!

After years of experience marketing small to medium size companies, Stacy Hansen parlayed her skills and launched Personalized Marketing. A master coordinator of ‘all things’ online, she built a company founded on present-day online business marketing strategies. The troupe of experts that comprise Personalized Marketing have become invaluable to the businesses they support.

While competitors sit idle without an online marketing and social media presence, Personalized Marketing can provide your company with a marketing plan, custom blog designs, websites, email newsletter campaigns and a social media marketing strategy, and all the web online marketing your organization needs to boost results! A focused Internet strategy is essential to the success of today’s small and medium sized businesses.