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What Do the Facebook Promotions Changes Mean?

Facebook has recently changed its promotions policies for businesses. This is exciting for your business because it makes it easier for all sizes of business to create their own promotions and administer them as well. Being able to create promotions is nothing new, but now businesses can administer them on page timelines and in apps on Facebook.

What Do the Facebook Promotions Changes Mean?A promotion on Facebook is typically a promotion that includes an entry or registration, an element of chance and a giveaway or prize. The definition of a promotion isn’t what is changing, the requirement that it is only allowed to be administered within an app is. Now, promotions can be administered on page timelines or within apps on business timelines (but not personal ones). Now your business can use its timeline to collect entries by having users post on you page or comment or like on a post on the page. Entries can also have users message your page.

So why did they make the change? Mostly to make it easier for you to create and manage promotions on your business Facebook page. You may have found that many customers or “friends” wouldn’t take advantage of your promotions because they didn’t want to use apps on Facebook. Many have found that some Facebook apps are very invasive and some have been burned by hackers who use apps to steal personal information. Now you don’t have to use them, and that means more people than ever will take advantage of your promotions.

This is a win win for you and your customers. You can gather the information you need and do it in a way that keeps your customers happy and comfortable.

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