Success of Small- to Medium-Sized Businesses Requires a Smart, Savvy Social Media Presence


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Stacy Hansen, President
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Successful small to medium-sized businesses need to practice consistent social media marketing using specific strategies to reach their target markets. However, few company leaders, managers or administrators have the time to be aggressive and diligent to positively effect a successful social media brand strategy for their business.

A social media business plan is crucial, and successfully managing all aspects is what the Personalized Marketing team does best! There is no need to navigate the bunny trail alone. Contact us today for a FREE evaluation of your business’social media needs.

Why Choose Personalized Marketing?

With the millions and billions of posts going out every day, 24/7, around the world, it is important to step-up your social media marketing efforts to engage the various audiences with creative content and timely information, using the perfect words, and the proper links to drive people to your business website and all your social media pages!

  • We help you get the ball rolling with a personalized social media plan for your business.
  • We know the techniques required to manipulate your social media/digital escalation.
  • We always promote you in the best possible light for the sake of your business.
  • We avoid social media marketing that can hurt your business’ image or reputation.
  • We smoothly build your client base without being overbearing or pushy.
  • We manage the best social platforms for your business, based on your goals.

By doing these things…

  • We keep your name in front of clients and potential clients, friends, and business associates.
  • This is done in a friendly, non-threatening manner, unlike aggressive sales tactics.
  • Our diligence and consistency builds a high level of trust over time, which manifests in a growing customer base.

Losing your way in the vast social media sea of technology and digital media sites can prove detrimental to small and medium-sized businesses. Put your best social footprint forward by hiring the experts at Personalized Marketing!

Make a Strong Impact with Your Digital Footprint

Have we mentioned the importance of consistency and diligence when blazing a social media trail for your business in this omnipresent technological world? It bears repeating.

As the impact of social media continues to explode, the experienced Personalized Marketing team is current with the latest trends and protocols to expertly create your Facebook business pages and Facebook ad campaigns, as well as managing Instagram, Google Plus, Twitter and create eye-catching videos that will ‘stop the scroll’ for your brand.

Personalized Services Give You the Competitive Advantage

  • Carefully crafted copy is digitally posted on your behalf to boost your social media visibility to keep your business ahead of your competitors!
  • The Personalized Marketing team is proud to be comprised of talented individuals who are experts in their fields, driven to provide Happy easterexemplary service!
  • Affordable monthly plans allow you to budget wisely, while taking advantage of the many digital resources available, keeping your overhead low and your profits high!
  • Aside from creative copy, the use of dynamic photos, graphic images and informative videos can render a post “viral,” which is a very good thing in web-based outreach. The use of visuals is included in our service packages, complimentary for our clients.

Personalized Marketing is Here for You!

If you feel like you’re spinning your wheels when it comes to social media, or if you simply need more time to do what you do best – running your company – hire the team with years of experience, who are totally tech-savvy and passionate about helping local businesses like yours: Hire Personalized Marketing Today!