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Is Your Small Business Overwhelmed by Social Media Marketing? We know that having an internet presence can involve a lot of anxiety. What sites should you be on? How often should you post? What if they change again, do you have to start all over? And especially, why should social media even matter to your business?

First let’s talk about being in business and having a marketing plan. If you were in business 25 years ago, your customers would have found you in the yellow pages and by buying one big ad, you did your whole marketing efforts for the year. Everyone who wanted to find out about products or services had that big yellow book in a drawer and they whipped it out when they needed to talk to someone! Well, those days are gone.

Today they might search on Google, ask for referrals on Twitter or Facebook, search on Pinterest or find out about who to work with any number of different ways. If you are truly “IN BUSINESS” you must be out there on the Social Media!

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Full Service Social Media Marketing. Your Digital Billboard Done For You.

Social Media Marketing - Your Digital BillboardStanding out in the crowd is vital if you want your business to get noticed online, but the hard truth behind social media marketing is – it’s a lot of work! To stay on top of today’s social media marketing demands, you need professional help. And not just a strategy and a to-do list! You need a team of dedicated experts rolling up their sleeves and actually doing it.

Personalized Marketing’s social media marketing services can help you establish a solid foothold with audiences on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and many other online communities. Our team of experts are up to date on the latest social media trends and  always looking for the best platforms for your company.

We work hard to create custom social media profiles and pages for your company’s unique brand message.

We’ve helped real businesses conquer problems like:

  • Keeping up with constantly changing technology
  • Maintaining differing levels of Social Media Marketing expertise
  • Knowing where to start
  • Getting messages to stand out in an increasingly crowded space
  • Gaining clients and subscribers without seeming pushy
  • Avoiding badly managed social media marketing which can hurt your company’s image or reputation
  • Implementing social media, using it to connect with customers and prospects

In today’s market, it’s not enough just to have a presence on Social Media. In order to stay competitive and avoid getting lost in the sea of digital information, a business must offer unique content regularly and interact consistently with their followers.

How can we help?

We help you become a leader in your market place by:

  • Connecting you genuinely with your customers through building trust
  • Growing your friends, likes, and followers to give you an audience focused on the solutions your company has to offer
  • Keeping you top of mind for all your prospects, clients and past customers in a friendly manner that does not scream SELL, SELL, SELL
  • Building search engine and keyword marketing into everything we do
  • Managing it all for you to make it a success

We give you the right tools for sustainable social media marketing success. We get your social media solved.

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Personalized Marketing gives your business the competitive advantage with customized services such as:

  • Hand Posting. Unique content manually posted on your behalf to give your business the best possible visibility in the search engines.
  • American Workers. 100% of our experts are US residents, keeping your hard-earned money in play in the US economy.
  • Marketing Expert. Founded and overseen by a true, nationally recognized marketing speaker whose hand guides all marketing efforts on behalf of our clients, assuring that what gets published will have the maximum effect.
  • Affordable monthly plans from $400 and up. Our budget conscious service plans give you the best possible marketing tools for your business while keeping your overhead low. Our experts will consult with you to find the best plan to fit your budget.
  • Free updates. The social media landscape is forever changing, and our team works hard to keep your message on the cutting edge of technology at all times as part of our service. Unlike the competition, we do not nickel and dime you to death every time an algorithm or platform changes.
  • Pictures/Images in posts. Most social media management companies use only text links and charge extra for images. At Personalized Marketing, we understand the viral power of images and create dynamic graphics as part of your service package. This ensures your content has the best opportunity to be seen – and made viral – by your potential clients.
  • Realistic contracts. Unlimited Support. We do it for you! What about our Agreements?  Our signup is a 90 day agreement then all we ask is 30 days notice to terminate.

We have the tools and know-how to keep you on the front edge of new products and programs. We design, implement and manage your social media empire at a great monthly rate that will not break the bank.

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