Dare to be Different with Dynamic Social Media Marketing in Tampa Bay, FL

Personalized Marketing is our name and the mission of our game!

Today’s social media marketing efforts for business requires a close examination of specific business goals and a personalized online marketing strategy that effectively extends your business’ social footprint to reach the perfect target audiences who are scrolling, swiping, and waiting to become your customers!

Grow Your Business with Personalized Marketing

Today is not the time to fly the social media coop, just because social media management is too time-consuming or your don't have the patience. The expert social media chicks at Personalized Marketing got your “beak” in Tampa Bay, FL!

  • Facebook Management and Advertising

    Whether you choose to believe it or not, Facebook and the myriad of social media platforms are here to stay. In fact, there are more than 2.15 billion users around the world, making it a phenomenal means for businesses to present their products and services to multiple target markets simultaneously. The trick is knowing how to do it the right way.

  • Instagram Management and Advertising

    Instagram is the second largest growing social platform after Facebook. It stands to reason, as more and more millennials and Gen-X’ers seek to tell their stories and purchase products and services with the swipe of a finger. Using Instagram correctly emphasizes your contemporary marketing savvy, endearing your business to younger followers.

  • Google My Business

    Google My Business does not mean go online and Google your business! It is a platform developed by Google for businesses to add site maps, as well as keywords and phrases for optimized SEO. Without the proper SEO, Google and other search engines struggle to find your website, blogs and social media pages.

  • Grammatically-Correct Content Creation, Blogs

    Nothing ruffles our feathers more than spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. When we see them, our expectations of the business sink a level. Our talented, creative spring chickens are careful to present current, accurate information using correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling in social media posts and blog content to add even more credibility to your “im-peck-able” image!

Our Personalized Social Media Process

1. Boost your social media presence

The Personalized Marketing team are social media specialists who know the best platforms to highlight your business. Because we understand the nuances behind each platform, we expertly boost your business presence to specific target markets and potential customers.


2. Optimize your activity on platforms

Posting once in awhile on social media platforms doesn’t work. We create unique posts of photos, videos, and blogs to keep your business' content engaging, while at the same time, putting your business in front of potential new customers for optimal visibility.

3. Grow and nurture your target audience

Once your social media presence is established and your target audience is identified, the team at Personalized Marketing uses specific advertising tools and resources to build your fan-base and offer them the information they seek to become your next new customer.  

Our results speak for themselves

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